Get Help for Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Make panic attacks a thing of the past with NLP and hypnosis

We provide treatments for panic attacks in both Vancouver and Tonronto.  If you have ever experienced a panic attack, then you know that the feelings that race through your body can be very scary. Everyone has slightly different symptoms, but it is quite common for someone to not only feel petrified with fear, but to also think they are experiencing a heart attack or some other serious physical problem when in the midst of one of these attacks. These symptoms can cause your anxiety to become worse, which can then cause your symptoms to be more pronounced. You feel like you are about to lose control totally when you have these attacks! If this is you, help for panic attacks could change your life.

Learn the pattern of your panic attacks

A good way to explain the emotion that goes on is to say that during an anxiety attack, your thoughts are anxious, even fearful. When your body has a reaction to this anxiety, the mind mistakenly goes into panic mode. You become even more anxious, and the body panics even more. You can see there is a pattern here with these attacks, as one behavior always leads to another. You can learn how to manipulate this behavior and banish it from your life when you get help for panic attacks from NLP and hypnosis.

Where and when do these attacks happen?

Panic attacks normally start in just about the same pattern every time. You tend to suffer from these attacks whenever you are in certain situations or locations where you feel vulnerable. You could have had a panic attack in a situation just one time, and from then on, you avoid that particular scenario. You may have an attack each time you are faced with a specific thing, such as a spider or a snake. And sometimes, these attacks can occur without much warning at all. It can take a while to admit to yourself that you need help for panic attacks.

Reasons for panic attacks

Some people get by with having only one panic attack in their whole life. These are the lucky ones, though they certainly don't see it that way when the attack of anxiety is underway! And, some people seem to have these attacks quite often, and the memory of their last one can linger in the back of their mind until it actually causes another attack! Panic attacks can be caused by any sort of major change that happens in your life, such as getting married or having a baby, losing your job, or having someone you are close to pass away.

What can I do to help myself?

Some of the symptoms of these attacks are very much like the symptoms of a heart attack. This is why many people head to a doctor when they have their first attack, only to find that their heart is in good shape. Usually, the doctor will check you out throughly. If no medical problems are detected, you'll be told that you more than likely had a panic attack. Help for panic attacks can be found when you turn to hypnosis and NLP.

How long will it take to do away with panic attacks?

Most people find that they only need two or three of our sessions, each generally lasting about an hour. Of course, the length of time it will take varies according to the individual.

Will NLP and hypnosis really help me?

You will find that hypnosis and NLP can do a wonderful job of helping to free you from the embarrassment and fear of these anxiety attacks. They work in tandem with each other, and address the issues in both your conscious and your unconscious mind. NLP will delve deeply and locate the behavior patterns you might not even be aware of that shape the fear and confusion of your panic attacks, then teach you how to change them. Hypnosis will address the subconscious mind and swap out your old behavior patterns for new ones. Help for panic attacks is well within your reach!

So please do take the time to contact us in Vancouver or Toronto, we may well be the help you have been looking for.