The Distress of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Help For Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - NLP And Hypnosis

The only time we ever used to hear about post traumatic stress syndrome was when people discussed soldiers from World War 2. Young men who had watched their friends get shot right in front of them relived the circumstances for many years afterward, waking in the middle of the night shouting and in a panic, thinking it was all happening again and they were in danger. Now we know that anyone can develop post traumatic stress syndrome, soldier or not. Anyone who has been through a natural disaster, some sort of physical and/or emotional accident or assault, or a traumatic personal experience can suffer with and need help with post traumatic stress syndrome. So please do take the time to get in touch with us at either our Vancouver or our Toronto clinics.

Your trauma has caused you to established a pattern of stress

When you think about the trauma you suffered, you probably always go through the same scenario in your mind. You therefore have a pattern in your subconscious of what happened to you, almost like a movie. It stresses your entire being to think this way, whether you are aware of these feelings or not. The feelings can build up inside of you over time, and they ultimately cause a bout of PTSS. Help for post traumatic stress disorder can take place, but you first must do something about your thinking pattern. It is firmly ingrained in your subconscious, and it won't change by itself.

Changing your way of thinking

How can you change the way you think about your traumatic experiences? You must work out a way to mentally remember the circumstances without them stressing you out. When you do this, a different scenario will take place in your mind – you won't be able to help it. And then, the behaviors that remembering those stressful feelings usually caused will leave you as well, and your post traumatic stress syndrome will be a thing of the past.

How do NLP and hypnosis work?

First of all, you are not made to relive your trauma, as some therapy dictates you do to get help for post traumatic stress syndrome. Instead, NLP consciously teaches you another way to think about your trauma, and create a different “movie” in your brain that enables you to also change your behavior and reactions from the old stressful and emotionally negative ones you experienced in the past. You will think positive thoughts that are good for you instead!

What are the symptoms of PTSS?

How would you know for sure whether or not you had post traumatic stress syndrome? Some people try to deny that they are suffering from this syndrome, but the symptoms can tell the tale and let you see if you need help for post traumatic stress syndrome.

  • Frequent thoughts about the stressful time in your life
  • emories of the stressful time that almost seem real to you
  • A numb feeling inside and out, as if nothing could penetrate your emotions
  • The least little movement or noise will startle you
  • You feel as if you are not a part of the world because of what you went through
  • You either sleep too much or too little;your sleep pattern is not normal

How long before my PTSS is better?

Naturally, the exact time it will take to improve your post traumatic stress syndrome will vary according to the individual. Generally though, three or four one hour sessions will make a noticeable and positive difference with post traumatic stress syndrome.

Please do give us a call to talk about this, we are friendly, professional, experienced and discreet and are based in Vancouver BC, and Toronto, ON.

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