Stop blushing anxiety

Take control of your excessive blushing with NLP/Hypnosis

Yes, you can stop blushing! The NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)and hypnosis approach is a proven method to cure the problem of blushing. Are you concerned about how often you seem to blush, and want a solution to this problem? We can help you to control not only your blushing, but the tension you experience prior to blushing, with our NLP/hypnosis sessions.We have clinics in both Vancouver and Toronto that deal with blushing problems, so please contact us now.

Blushing is a conditioned response

Every living human being blushes at some time or another. Quite a few people have developed an anxiety about their tendency to blush because at some point in time, they became aware of it. They know they need help for blushing, but they aren't sure just how this problem started. Maybe someone teased them about blushing, and from that day on, they worry that they will blush whenever they are around people. They have looked for help for blushing, to no avail. They have become almost hyper-aware of their blushes, to the point where they have conditioned themselves to blush in certain situations.

'I blush for no reason at all sometimes!'

Hypnosis CanadaEven worse, sometimes they will begin to blush for seemingly no reason at all. They don't feel embarrassed or anxious, and yet they can feel that familiar hot flush begin to creep over their face, making them yearn for some kind of help for blushing. Without realizing it, they have conditioned themselves to blush. Whatever caused their blushing to begin with, they seem to have no control over it. Blushing just seems to happen to them, like the way your lower leg kicks when the doctor checks your reflexes. You don't have to do anything to trigger the reaction. Blushes are automatic!

Reflex blushing can be controlled

You need help for blushing problems, the right kind of help. With help, you can learn the way to stop your reflex blushing behavior each time it starts to flare up, and let another, more healthy behavior take its place. Once you have mastered this lesson, the new behavior will then be your reflex behavior – it will happen without you even thinking about it. You'll no longer be burdened with facial blushes, but will find your problem has been conquered.

'My blushing makes me very self-conscious'

Maybe you've tried some of the things you've heard about that are supposed to help for blushing. Deep breathing didn't help for blushing; nor did attempting to calm yourself down. You feel embarrassed every time you leave your home, and feel as if everyone is looking at you whenever you blush. You wish desperately that you had some way to help for blushing.

Your amazing brain

The way we can assist you with help for blushing is to work from the inside out. People who have a problem with excessive blushes spend time worrying about whether they will blush in this situation or with that person. People who are rarely, if ever, bothered with blushes never even think about whether it will or won't happen. The brain was made to remember the things you think and do, especially if they are done more than once. This is how habits are developed. Your thought patterns happen automatically, just as the blushes happen automatically.

Use the power inside you to get help for blushing

The brain is a very powerful organ. Just as you trained it to blush, you can also train it not to blush. Sound impossible? Many people have received help for blushing by taking advantage of Hypnosis, which targets the subconscious mind, and of NLP, which speaks to the conscious mind and teaches you to permanently change your thought patterns, and so can you. Just think! The help for blushing that you have longed for is now within your reach!

NLP/Hypnosis sessions can release the habit

Just a few sessions using NLP and hypnosis can be the key you have been looking for to receive help for blushing. NLP and hypnosis are both time-tested and a very effective way to teach your mind how to cancel out any thought of blushing as soon as it appears, and replace that thought with one that will banish all blushes from your psyche. How to replace the fear of blushing with the confidence needed to interact socially with anyone, anywhere.

The habit of excessive blushing

Have you ever seen a little baby blush? Or even a pre-schooler? Probably not, because children this age do not spend time thinking about how they must look to others, or what others think of them. No child needs help for blushing. But, it's possible that many of these children will develop the habit of blushing as they grow older and began to be more aware of society's rules and expectations. Having a tendency to blush is a habit, and like that old saying reminds us, habits are made to be broken!

Will hypnosis and NLP really help stop my blushing?

Most of the time, we only need to have two to three sessions lasting where we put hypnosis and NLP to work for you to reduce your problem blushing. If you are ready and willing to receive help for blushing, and break this habit once and for all, victory will be yours Help for blushing will change your life for the better, and you will be so pleased with your successful help for blushing once you have experienced the magic of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) and Hypnosis.